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Welcome back to a work in progress (WIP) to us patchworkers.  I think with some more help from Alison at Quintdown web I have sorted out how to get all this lovely fabric onto the web site!  I have managet to get Hooty Hoot returns
and Carnaby Street
on this evening!  The pictures were taken during the day to try and get as true a color as I can and the techy stuff done this evening, I've got the prices on an everything :) If you take a sneeky look at the web site ( you will see I have lined up a couple more collections to do tomorrow evening.  I'm cooking on gas now!  Have been thinking about making a quick quilt out of all the Kona solids I have just to show them off at groups and markets/fairs.  Currently have 39 colors, was thinking a disappearing nine patch using the black in the four outside blocks which get sliced through to act as a kind of boarder/sashing to the other colors.  Humm what do you think?  What would you do? Gotta go get a cup of te…