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Patchwork Dreamer is growing up and filling out fast

Good morning blog world have been missing in action for a while due to lots of inputting on the fast growing web site.  So since last we met I have put on 39 Kona solids Photographed and put on the cottons, really pleased with this section as you can see the colours well even better if you magnify it. Pins and needles are on So things are progressing nicely.  Got a delievery of batting which I need to put on and this lovely collection Ashbury Heights by Riley Blake. Lots more to come including pre cuts from Robert Kaufman (Hexies, Roll ups and charm squares) batiks and lots more between now and January next year. Have organised the advertising so will defo be launched for September the 20th as that when the mag comes out!   The lovely people at Quintdown web have been hard at work making a fabby (well I think so) web site.  Here are some of the touches which make it special.  For those who don't know what a fat 1/4 is this little piccy should help.  And