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The lull before the storm I hope!

Good morning a calmer post today for!  I think we have irond out all the funny little bits on the web site and hopefully you will/have enjoyed looking and having a play with the design wall, please let me know what you think.
Well today I am waiting for a delievery of precuts and the last two fabrics from the Bella range from Blend plus a Candy pink Kona ohh I do like delieverys!

I have a top tip for you which I picked up from the Farmers Wife quilt facebook page.  Have your books sprial bound so they stay open when you are following instructions!  I had these two done at Staples and it cost me £9.14 for the both.  They do have to cut the spine off so don't take books whose text etc. is too close to the spine, but I think it is a brilliant idea.  I wonder if they could do magazines putting a few together at once mmm got me thinking now (always a dangerous thing) Have you noticed at that we have a free patterns section?  This o…