The lull before the storm I hope!

Good morning a calmer post today for!  I think we have irond out all the funny little bits on the web site and hopefully you will/have enjoyed looking and having a play with the design wall, please let me know what you think.
Well today I am waiting for a delievery of precuts and the last two fabrics from the Bella range from Blend plus a Candy pink Kona ohh I do like delieverys!
Artisan Batiks-Asian Legacy

Hexie cut Dark Palette

Hexie cut Dusty Palette
I have a top tip for you which I picked up from the Farmers Wife quilt facebook page.  Have your books sprial bound so they stay open when you are following instructions!  I had these two done at Staples and it cost me £9.14 for the both.  They do have to cut the spine off so don't take books whose text etc. is too close to the spine, but I think it is a brilliant idea.  I wonder if they could do magazines putting a few together at once mmm got me thinking now (always a dangerous thing)
Sprial bound at staples
Have you noticed at that we have a free patterns section?  This one has caused a stir from  you really could use up scrapes and make a whole pack of these, thinking Christmas (whoops sorry bad language at this time of the year)

I rather like this one from

 I may have to use one of the Robert Kaufman Batik roll ups on this and a Kona solid for the background umm not white though, love looking at and choosing fabrics.  Ah now taking of which a rep came yesterday with a suitcase full of lovelyness (how these men don't get mugged for their suitcases I don't  know) I have ordered some lovely fabrics for the end of this year into the new year but that is for another day.....  Have fun with your sewing and let me know what you think of the site and of course if you make any of the projects (particularly the little dog) post a picture on our Facebook page as I would love to see them.
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