The Hex bug!

Good afternoon blog land and welcome to new and not so new readers.  As you will see I have a button! Eyes right, this is because I did a button swap with Maybush Studio Blog see her button now?  Clare has a fun blog with all sorts on there a lifestyle blog is I am sure is the correct wording.  Off course there is Patchwork with some very pretty quilts and also an adventure about to be started in the form of remodeling their home.  We built this house back in 1999 and so I am intrested to see how it all works out the plans look super.
Now as you can see our remodeling of the fabric cupboard is almost complete just some hooks to put on the bi fold doors to hold the little nik nak things, on hold as Hubby has man flu and I dare not put the hooks in myself!

The christmas monster is almost complete just hand sewing in the back of the binding.  Please excuse the cat you put a quilt down in this house and a cat lays claim!  Whilst I was machine quilting this another was sitting on it watching my every move.  We only have two cats I am not the mad cat lady, I wonted a dog but got out voted.
I have noticed a bit of a renewed intrest in Hexies on the social network sites.  No not these Hexies...
Check out my Hexi page on Pintrest
My first try at Patchwork was with my granny making hexis. She did it slightley differently from the paper piecing way everyone seems to do now she used cereal boxes and cut out her hexies!  Now this worked really well and she made lots of quilts and all of the curtains in her house were made in this way (yes she had scrappy hexi curtains, she would have made them in the late 60's!) Now her tacking method was a little quicker than our current paper piecing method and so I decided to check this out and found in American some plastic type pieces with a little hole in the middle, and so, I had a chat with a friend who has a laser cutter and he has made some hexies for me so now I am trying them out.  First I chose some fabrics three from Pat Bravo's Carnaby Street one from Amanda Murphy's Bonjour mon Ami and a couple of Kona solids Salmon and Ice Frappe
The hole in the middle is to hold a pin which is great. I put a 1/4" seam allowance around this and cut. Looking back I should have cut a strip and that would have made the marking and cutting a bit quicker.
Now I use any old cotton for the tacking I seem to have a selection of cottons almost as old as I am which I would not trust for piecing but for tacking is fine.  My only thing would be don't use a dark with a light as it may bleed or show through on the finished item.
Now all you have to do is tack in the corners.
And take the pins out.
And repeat.....lots.... Hexies are not for quick results but they travel well so can be made anywhere without having to carry a sewing room with you.  I will let you know how I get on with this and if they work you will find them on the web site not sure how small we will be able to go with this these are 2cm (3/4" ish) my friend has questioned the 1/4" request, giggle, the hexi bug has not bitten him.
On another note we have had some new items in since the last time we spoke take a look with the Enchant range coming in this Friday so many of you have been waiting for this one.  Please leave a comment, have you tried this way with hexies before? I love to read your comments and always answer.  Have a good week. Mary


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