Sunday, 29 December 2013

Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014 Patchwork Streamlined!

It's the time of year when my mind turns to making changes.  Sooo with this in mind I have decided my key word  for 2014 is going to be STREAMLINE!  I need to streamline me to the tune of about 2.5 stone, that is not going to be started until the new year is not so new..... However streamlining my time is going to start straight away.  Social media is the big one I can lose myself for hours looking at Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest.  Blogger is under control, I look regularly at the ones on this page and move on.  So I have decided to have a set time to look at and write on social media each day, I will use the time functions which I have yet to figure out on Twitter but have nailed it on Blogger and Facebook.  I am hoping that by sorting out my time my City and Guilds will be back on track and my bucket list will stop growing quite so quickly and I will actually get on and do some sewing! My plans for blogger are to start to do some tutorials and see how you all like them.  I am about to sit down and do a one page business plan for 2014 (got from the sewing directory to focus my mind on the business for this year and pin it next to the computer to remind me of my goals each and every day.  Now I know this is not going to be easy as I am a natural procrastinator which is one of the reasons I am writing this blog and boring you all with it, it is something for me to look back on and remind myself of.  Maybe you could remind me from time to time too?
Phew that was a bit heavy for me lets get on to some fun stuff, have you looked at the web site lately?  Well I have a clearance section here with designer fabrics for just £8 per meter, only a few at the moment will see how it goes.
And then just before Christmas we got in these fun yo yo makers they make the most darling little yo yos. More can be found here
Sewing wise not a lot has been done :(  however the group I go to are doing a row along.  The rules are simple we start with a row which we have made and a note book where we wright what we would like or not like we pass the row on and get someone elses do a row wright in the book why we have done the row that we have and pass it on, and so on we don't get to see our own finished quilt (well top) until about July!
This is the start of my first row.
This now has two more trees and I am thinking of adding a row of chubby chevrons.  I have followed Lori Holts instructions and have to say I love how it all works, check out her blog where you can also get her book, quite pricey to post to the UK but worth it.  I will put up picures when I have completed this first row but that may be the last you hear until July as my fellow row alongs may read my blog and see how their quilt looks!  We will see.  
I love to hear your comments and always respond (unless its spam!) What are your new years plans? Sew until next time have fun and Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Hex bug!

Good afternoon blog land and welcome to new and not so new readers.  As you will see I have a button! Eyes right, this is because I did a button swap with Maybush Studio Blog see her button now?  Clare has a fun blog with all sorts on there a lifestyle blog is I am sure is the correct wording.  Off course there is Patchwork with some very pretty quilts and also an adventure about to be started in the form of remodeling their home.  We built this house back in 1999 and so I am intrested to see how it all works out the plans look super.
Now as you can see our remodeling of the fabric cupboard is almost complete just some hooks to put on the bi fold doors to hold the little nik nak things, on hold as Hubby has man flu and I dare not put the hooks in myself!

The christmas monster is almost complete just hand sewing in the back of the binding.  Please excuse the cat you put a quilt down in this house and a cat lays claim!  Whilst I was machine quilting this another was sitting on it watching my every move.  We only have two cats I am not the mad cat lady, I wonted a dog but got out voted.
I have noticed a bit of a renewed intrest in Hexies on the social network sites.  No not these Hexies...
Check out my Hexi page on Pintrest
My first try at Patchwork was with my granny making hexis. She did it slightley differently from the paper piecing way everyone seems to do now she used cereal boxes and cut out her hexies!  Now this worked really well and she made lots of quilts and all of the curtains in her house were made in this way (yes she had scrappy hexi curtains, she would have made them in the late 60's!) Now her tacking method was a little quicker than our current paper piecing method and so I decided to check this out and found in American some plastic type pieces with a little hole in the middle, and so, I had a chat with a friend who has a laser cutter and he has made some hexies for me so now I am trying them out.  First I chose some fabrics three from Pat Bravo's Carnaby Street one from Amanda Murphy's Bonjour mon Ami and a couple of Kona solids Salmon and Ice Frappe
The hole in the middle is to hold a pin which is great. I put a 1/4" seam allowance around this and cut. Looking back I should have cut a strip and that would have made the marking and cutting a bit quicker.
Now I use any old cotton for the tacking I seem to have a selection of cottons almost as old as I am which I would not trust for piecing but for tacking is fine.  My only thing would be don't use a dark with a light as it may bleed or show through on the finished item.
Now all you have to do is tack in the corners.
And take the pins out.
And repeat.....lots.... Hexies are not for quick results but they travel well so can be made anywhere without having to carry a sewing room with you.  I will let you know how I get on with this and if they work you will find them on the web site not sure how small we will be able to go with this these are 2cm (3/4" ish) my friend has questioned the 1/4" request, giggle, the hexi bug has not bitten him.
On another note we have had some new items in since the last time we spoke take a look with the Enchant range coming in this Friday so many of you have been waiting for this one.  Please leave a comment, have you tried this way with hexies before? I love to read your comments and always answer.  Have a good week. Mary

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Cupboard re-build

This week has mostley been about re-building the space where I keep all the fabrics and things for Lucky for me my dear husband is a carpenter so he started off with this which used to house totes of toys for the children I looked after (I was a childminder)
 He moved things around and put folding doors on, now two bolts side by side and stacked on top of one another will fit in.  It is quite big my hubby is 6 foot 6.  I need to do a little sanding and start painting before I can put all the lovely fabric away.
 The fabric is currentley in the front room in a bay door way.  I can get to it, just, but it is nice and safe away from the dust. I have a throw over it just to be sure.

Some lovely new fabrics in this week click the links below each picture and it will take you straight to them.
Yesterday I went to see the quilt show at Rock which is very lovely, last day tomorrow if you get chance in the sailing club.  
This one is so simple yet very effective, all squares and triangles perfect for a newbe at this patchwork lark.
And the quilting was sew pretty little flowers all over.
Finally I have put together the christmas quilt, and I am not to sure I like it very much!  Never mind I tried out the technique will quilt it and may try to sell it at a few christmas craft fairs I am booked in to.
That's it for me this week, may not make next week and the children are on half term so if I don't speak to you before have a good couple of weeks crafting and Happy Hallowen!
Mary x

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Twisted Christmas!

Agghh that moment you realise you are a fat quarter short of a quilt! I ran out of the little beach hut fabric for my snails trail, went to the shop where I got it and they had sold out quick panic but soon found it on line and it has just dropped onto the mat phew.

So what do you do if this happens?  Start a new project?  Yep I did!!  Remember those books I got at the quilt show well I decided to have a go at the Stack a new Deck by Karla Alexander one.

 So I have more or less followed the instructions.
 And in just one evening I had cut all the blocks.
My deck all stacked!
 And yesterday I managed to put some together and wow how quick, this was from a sneeky 45 mins of sewing!  This is not my ususal thing at all I normally hand sew everything and am slow, this could be the one to turn me ha ha we will see.
I had a request for paper Hexagons for English paper piecing which I have managed to find and the first pack arrived yesterday.  I am having a tecky problem loading them onto the web site at the moment but that should all be sorted out soon.  The first lot are 2cm (3/4")  and look small to me but I will have 1/4" ones coming, wow they are going to be small.
125 pieces £3.50 from
Thats it for me this week off on Monday to see the Ladies in Rock as they have their show on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Rock sailing club, will try to remember my camera this time.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Gadding about having Patchwork fun.

Good morning last week I left you to visit all the lovely blogs on Small blog meet, wow there were so many I keep going back to look at more. Take a look you will be there for hours. I also went to a local quilt show The Trelyn Quilters Exhibition in Fraddon village hall another wow!  I forgot my camera so no pics sorry.  However I did pick up three quilting books for £3, bargin.

The pinapple stars has all the papers in but I think it may be a while before I attempt the small one!

I managed to only buy 1 FQ to add to my Christmas fabrics, I have been collecting for a couple of years now.

I am going to do a project based on one of the quilts in the Stack a New Deck book. And finally I went to the American Museum in Bath with the quilt group I belong too.  It took us over 4 hours there and back but was worth it.  We went mostley for the quilt room but I have to say I enjoyed all of it.  This was one of the quilts on display. Very striking. 

So with all my gadding about not much sewing has been done!  However I have finally decided on a snails trail block to go around the compass as I always think it looks like a wave.  

Please excuse the spotty slippers with the holes, how classy!  A lady with a lot more class than me is Natalie Lymer from Cinderberry Stitches her new range, Enchant, is due in this month take a look and see and this is the quilt she has made this weekend sew cute, can't wait for the fabric to arrive. Her blog so sew pretty too

I had some pre-cuts arrive this week, put them on the web site on Sunday sold some on Monday!  Still have some more if you would like some.
Kona Summer 13 new colours 40 Pieces £28

Grandmas Garden complete collection 42 Pieces (5" squares) £12

Kona Summer 13 New colours 42 pieces (5" square) £12

Kona Sunrise colourstory 43 pieces (5" square) £12
Thats it for me this week promised DH a pasty for his lunch, please leave a comment I really enjoy talking to you.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Small blog meet and another Patchwork Dreamer chat

Good morning blog land well here we are again another week has passed us by, where does the time go? Welcome if you are new to my blog I hope you enjoy my ramblings about all things patchwork and we can become blog friends :)  This week I have finally got some sewing done after the months spent on the computer.  This has been waiting for a sleeve on the back for a while, but now I have done it I am not going to hang it  because we have kittens who like to climb! I was going to put it over a sofa but that would be too much for them to resist, so I shall hang fire for a while in the hope that they will calm down a bit, fingers crossed.

I have also pulled this UFO out of hiding and plan to put stars around after the skinny border, then I'm not sure will have to see how it looks.  The back ground is a Kona solid called Lake one of 40 Kona solids on the web site This is my first attempt at a compass so please excuse the slight wonkyness!

As I am fairly new to blogging I thought I would join Lilysquilts small blog meet, have to be honest not really sure what I am doing on the techy side of things but here goes... Yep I have somehow managed to change the text below this link, can't seam to change it back hay ho!
And so this is what I have commited my self to do, should be fun linking up with like minded people.  Who is going to join me?
Next go and visit and get to know at least four other linked blogs - starting with the two above you in the linkys and the two below you. Visit those blogs, leave a comment, click to follow and visit that blog regularly over the next few weeks. Visit more if you have the time. And also visit back any new bloggers who come to visit you and get to know them and their blogs.
Always new stock coming in to I am looking forward to this one coming in any day now.

Ideal for scouts and as a different "boys" fabric.  Think I am going to have to do something for my son with this one as he is a beaver (young scout) and they need a blanket for camping, so a quilt made out of this should be perfect. 
Sew thats it for me this week I'm off to check out the other small blogs on Lillysquilts, think I'll flick the kettle on first.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fame at last! :)

Well maybe not fame but was very excited to look at my e-mails this morning and find this in my in box Some of you will know that as well as setting up I am also doing a City and Guilds course in Patchwork and Quilting with SST and they have chosen my blog for this news letter Whoop whoop.  Have a look as there is an intresting piece on Fabric Stabilizers.  Also details for the C and G Bursary scheme but you need to be quick on this as it has a closing date of 30th September 2013 at 5pm.
Now then last weeks delivery brought these lovely fabrics

Both from The Bella Range by Amanda Murphy for Blend take a look here

As well as this very pink Candy Pink Kona Solid
My daughter and I thought we would give one of the free patterns a go the doggy from Bustle and sew mentioned in the last blog get the pattern here

Prep done

Charlotte deciding where the hexies should go

All done ready to stitch

Charlotte very Happy with Emma

Emma a little different as Charlie wonted to play with a few different stitches on the sewing machine
Sew thats it for me this week, wonder what the next seven days will hold....