Exciting news. Patchwork Dreamer is joining the real world! A gorgeous cabin in the woods at Stable Art Picture Framing will be our new home from mid November. I am very excited and a little bit scared, but I am sure the fabulous coffee and cake in Coby’s Coffee Shop just across the car park will help!

Lots of planning going on at the moment so watch this space for more news.

Oh my such a long time since I was here! As the photo suggests I have a big sale on at the moment with 40 % off many collections.
These Lewis and Irene collections have 35% off only £1.63 for a fat quarter!  Only limited amount so get in quick.

Since last I was here I have completed my City and Guilds in P and Q but I shall tell you all about that in another blog. This is just a quick hello and to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.  A little eye candy follows!

Happy Patchwork Dreams Mary

Blogging in a different direction! My Patchwork Life.

Well hello long time no see.  I have decided to take this blog in a slightly different direction not just talking about the shop but about all the patchwork things going on in my life.  There are quite a few (I am sure you understand that) I of course have the on line shop but I also belong to my local Patchwork group, Beacon quilters.  We have a very full programme coming up this year so hopefully I will be able to share some of this with you.  We are going to be doing the Crafsty BOM 2012 which should be fun as we all like such different fabrics and we can all learn somthing new.  I have done the first two for our September blocks.  I am using Kona Paprica as the back ground fabric and the Meadow fabric range from Penny Rose.  I like the one on the left but the one on the right just is not sitting right for me I think the stripes of plain are too thick.  Any way if you would like to join in and show me …

Patchwork Dreamer Let the year begin!

Happy New Year! I have started well my first row is complete for the row along patterns taken from Lori Holts lovely book find it here

 I have used the boarder from this cute little quilt.
And added her Chubby Chevrons.
And it looks like this!
I have also made a label which I will ask everyone who adds a row to write their name on and I will stitch it all at the end.
And I have started to finish these place mats, only two more to bind.  Lessons about not being mean with backing fabric have been learnt on these.....
And healthy eating has started a little earlier than I intended as a further 7 pounds have landed on my hips over the Holidays :( so it is now more like 3 stone to loose.  No point moaning just stop eating all that yummy stuff and get on ith playing with yummy fabric instead.  News of Patchwork Dreamer, later in the week I will be looking at Christmas fabric for this year!  Mad but fun.  Take a look at my facebook page and see Jo has …

Goodbye 2013 Hello 2014 Patchwork Streamlined!

It's the time of year when my mind turns to making changes.  Sooo with this in mind I have decided my key word  for 2014 is going to be STREAMLINE!  I need to streamline me to the tune of about 2.5 stone, that is not going to be started until the new year is not so new..... However streamlining my time is going to start straight away.  Social media is the big one I can lose myself for hours looking at Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest.  Blogger is under control, I look regularly at the ones on this page and move on.  So I have decided to have a set time to look at and write on social media each day, I will use the time functions which I have yet to figure out on Twitter but have nailed it on Blogger and Facebook.  I am hoping that by sorting out my time my City and Guilds will be back on track and my bucket list will stop growing quite so quickly and I will actually get on and do some sewing! My plans for blogger are to start to do some tutorials and see how you all like them.  I am…

The Hex bug!

Good afternoon blog land and welcome to new and not so new readers.  As you will see I have a button! Eyes right, this is because I did a button swap with Maybush Studio Blog see her button now?  Clare has a fun blog with all sorts on there a lifestyle blog is I am sure is the correct wording.  Off course there is Patchwork with some very pretty quilts and also an adventure about to be started in the form of remodeling their home.  We built this house back in 1999 and so I am intrested to see how it all works out the plans look super. Now as you can see our remodeling of the fabric cupboard is almost complete just some hooks to put on the bi fold doors to hold the little nik nak things, on hold as Hubby has man flu and I dare not put the hooks in myself!
The christmas monster is almost complete just hand sewing in the back of the binding.  Please excuse the cat you put a quilt down in this house and a cat lays claim!  Whilst I was machine quilting this another was sitting on it watch…

Cupboard re-build

This week has mostley been about re-building the space where I keep all the fabrics and things for Lucky for me my dear husband is a carpenter so he started off with this which used to house totes of toys for the children I looked after (I was a childminder)
 He moved things around and put folding doors on, now two bolts side by side and stacked on top of one another will fit in.  It is quite big my hubby is 6 foot 6.  I need to do a little sanding and start painting before I can put all the lovely fabric away.
 The fabric is currentley in the front room in a bay door way.  I can get to it, just, but it is nice and safe away from the dust. I have a throw over it just to be sure.

Some lovely new fabrics in this week click the links below each picture and it will take you straight to them.

Yesterday I went to see the quilt show at Rock which is very lovely, last day tomorrow if you get chance in the sailing club.   This one is so simple yet very effective, al…