Cupboard re-build

This week has mostley been about re-building the space where I keep all the fabrics and things for Lucky for me my dear husband is a carpenter so he started off with this which used to house totes of toys for the children I looked after (I was a childminder)
 He moved things around and put folding doors on, now two bolts side by side and stacked on top of one another will fit in.  It is quite big my hubby is 6 foot 6.  I need to do a little sanding and start painting before I can put all the lovely fabric away.
 The fabric is currentley in the front room in a bay door way.  I can get to it, just, but it is nice and safe away from the dust. I have a throw over it just to be sure.

Some lovely new fabrics in this week click the links below each picture and it will take you straight to them.
Yesterday I went to see the quilt show at Rock which is very lovely, last day tomorrow if you get chance in the sailing club.  
This one is so simple yet very effective, all squares and triangles perfect for a newbe at this patchwork lark.
And the quilting was sew pretty little flowers all over.
Finally I have put together the christmas quilt, and I am not to sure I like it very much!  Never mind I tried out the technique will quilt it and may try to sell it at a few christmas craft fairs I am booked in to.
That's it for me this week, may not make next week and the children are on half term so if I don't speak to you before have a good couple of weeks crafting and Happy Hallowen!
Mary x


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