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Patchwork Dreamer Let the year begin!

Happy New Year! I have started well my first row is complete for the row along patterns taken from Lori Holts lovely book find it here  I have used the boarder from this cute little quilt. And added her Chubby Chevrons. And it looks like this! I have also made a label which I will ask everyone who adds a row to write their name on and I will stitch it all at the end. And I have started to finish these place mats, only two more to bind.  Lessons about not being mean with backing fabric have been learnt on these..... And healthy eating has started a little earlier than I intended as a further 7 pounds have landed on my hips over the Holidays :( so it is now more like 3 stone to loose.  No point moaning just stop eating all that yummy stuff and get on ith playing with yummy fabric instead.  News of Patchwork Dreamer, later in the week I will be looking at Christmas fabric for this year!  Mad but fun.  Take a look at my faceb