Gadding about having Patchwork fun.

Good morning last week I left you to visit all the lovely blogs on Small blog meet, wow there were so many I keep going back to look at more. Take a look you will be there for hours. I also went to a local quilt show The Trelyn Quilters Exhibition in Fraddon village hall another wow!  I forgot my camera so no pics sorry.  However I did pick up three quilting books for £3, bargin.

The pinapple stars has all the papers in but I think it may be a while before I attempt the small one!

I managed to only buy 1 FQ to add to my Christmas fabrics, I have been collecting for a couple of years now.

I am going to do a project based on one of the quilts in the Stack a New Deck book. And finally I went to the American Museum in Bath with the quilt group I belong too.  It took us over 4 hours there and back but was worth it.  We went mostley for the quilt room but I have to say I enjoyed all of it.  This was one of the quilts on display. Very striking. 

So with all my gadding about not much sewing has been done!  However I have finally decided on a snails trail block to go around the compass as I always think it looks like a wave.  

Please excuse the spotty slippers with the holes, how classy!  A lady with a lot more class than me is Natalie Lymer from Cinderberry Stitches her new range, Enchant, is due in this month take a look and see and this is the quilt she has made this weekend sew cute, can't wait for the fabric to arrive. Her blog so sew pretty too

I had some pre-cuts arrive this week, put them on the web site on Sunday sold some on Monday!  Still have some more if you would like some.
Kona Summer 13 new colours 40 Pieces £28

Grandmas Garden complete collection 42 Pieces (5" squares) £12

Kona Summer 13 New colours 42 pieces (5" square) £12

Kona Sunrise colourstory 43 pieces (5" square) £12
Thats it for me this week promised DH a pasty for his lunch, please leave a comment I really enjoy talking to you.


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