Twisted Christmas!

Agghh that moment you realise you are a fat quarter short of a quilt! I ran out of the little beach hut fabric for my snails trail, went to the shop where I got it and they had sold out quick panic but soon found it on line and it has just dropped onto the mat phew.

So what do you do if this happens?  Start a new project?  Yep I did!!  Remember those books I got at the quilt show well I decided to have a go at the Stack a new Deck by Karla Alexander one.

 So I have more or less followed the instructions.
 And in just one evening I had cut all the blocks.
My deck all stacked!
 And yesterday I managed to put some together and wow how quick, this was from a sneeky 45 mins of sewing!  This is not my ususal thing at all I normally hand sew everything and am slow, this could be the one to turn me ha ha we will see.
I had a request for paper Hexagons for English paper piecing which I have managed to find and the first pack arrived yesterday.  I am having a tecky problem loading them onto the web site at the moment but that should all be sorted out soon.  The first lot are 2cm (3/4")  and look small to me but I will have 1/4" ones coming, wow they are going to be small.
125 pieces £3.50 from
Thats it for me this week off on Monday to see the Ladies in Rock as they have their show on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Rock sailing club, will try to remember my camera this time.


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